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Auto Collision Repair


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  • Fuel Tank Repair
We repair damaged fuel tanks to look perfect again. We start the repair by using a special stud gun that welds draw pins to the dent area and use a slide hammer to pull the dent. This allows us to draw the dent out without drilling or filling the dent with putty. 
Then we finish out the area with a thin coat of surface glaze, block sanding, and then add a coat of hi-quality primer. 
After drying, the tank is ready for a final wet sand and then base- clear coat, a final buffing of the cure clear gives a perfect finish.

  • Custom Motorcycle Painting
Personalize your daily ride or project bike with custom paint, creating your own unique design. Turn a production motorcycle into a one of a kind work of art, or simply change the color,  we offer custom paint that's only limited by your imagination. We can provide a high quality flawless finish that exceeds the stock finish and we guarantee these paint jobs to be perfect every time.

  • Fiberglass Repairs of Factory Parts
We can repair fiberglass bodywork and saddlebags for Harley Davidson and BMW motorcycles.We grind out splintered or cracked areas to about half it's original thickness. We then apply top quality epoxy resin and tight woven cloth to the damaged area to bring it back to the original thickness. After the repair has cured, we do this same process to the backside of the damage area. By doing the front and back of the area and by grinding down halfway through the part each time, we get rid of all the cracks of soft spots caused by the crash.
I have seen on several occasions fiberglass repairs that were done on the surface only and this type of repair leaves the center of the part cracked under the surface repair. The result is a failed repair a short time down the road.

  • Airbrush, Design, and Graphics

Unique and clean graphics are key to an awesome paint job. Simple or complex, our design work on your project will be crisp and vibrant. Inspiration can be drawn from anything. We will work with you throughout the design process to develop a look that fits your style and personality.

Achieving the ultimate look for your project doesn't have to stop with paint. Changing your vehicles stance, wheels, exhaust, lighting, etc...can all be worked into your design and rendered for finalization.  ​